Weighted balls landing in Soil (Toon Boom)

For this task I had to try and figure out the rate of decent between two different weighted balls, 1 lb and 1000 lb and see which one would hit the soil first. Both of these balls would drop from 20 metres high and have to hit the same patch of soil.  After making some research into the physics of this task I found out using this website (scientificpsychic.com) that there is a specific way to figure out how long it would take these two to fall. But looking into the rate of decent for each of these balls I concluded that both balls would fall at the same rate. This is because gravity is pulling down on them at the exact same time with the exact same force, and because there is no air resistance the balls will fall at the same time.

But to figure out the timing for this animation I used a psychics equation I found on the website I mentioned before. So to work out how long it takes for the balls to hit the soil you need to use this equation: distance=1/2 x acceleration x time (squared) + initial speed x time. So the initial speed would be 0 this is because the balls are being dropped not thrown so there would be no additional force. Time (squared) = (2x distance) / acceleration this means I would have to work out (2x 20)/ 9.8m/s (squared). Now I bet your wondering where did the 9.8 come from. From Issac newton and Galileo theories the natural gravitational force of the earth is 9.8 meaning anything will drop at a speed of 9.8 metres per second squared.

This gives the answer (2×20)=40/9.8= 4.08 seconds, I made the mistake first of thinking this was the final answer when I realised I had forgot to add the first part of the equation which was the 1/2. This means I had to do the square root of 4.08 seconds which rounded up is 2 seconds. This means in toon boom harmony the balls will hit the soil at exactly 2 seconds each. But because they are different weights they will impact the soil differently, meaning the heavier ball will hit deeper into the soil compared to the lighter ball because of how the balls weight will impact the soft soil.

Finally for the final animation I had to add a small camera animation to the animation this is because when working on the original stage I realised I didn’t really have enough room to animate an effective ball falling so used the bigger part of the stage and used the camera to follow the ball. I have used a 12fps frame rate for this as I was told to make a 12 fps animation rather than 24 only as I think it would have taken a lot longer to hand draw the animation. Personally I think this animation does not look quite right because the balls only speed up slightly as they get closer to the ground. I think it is because the way I animated it but the ball did not move the way I had intended it to look.


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