Premise Story ideas Ideas factory

Guy walking around his house- when he finds a door, opening into another dimension. With a wormhole like portal, pulling everything into it. So he has to shut the door. Pulled in he finds the end of the universe

A uni student has nightmares of different events, when soon realises he has been dreaming of the future, where a world with his friends and the world loosing itself. The student tries to prevents these things from happening but ends up loosing his life (disintigrating into the universe)

A Lonely warrior learns to meditate and find inner peace, when the warrior travels to the highest peak  to meditate properly but many challenges await him

Two people go for dinner when chef tries to cook the food, but the food comes to life. Trying to walk off outside, the chef stops the food, but they get out and the couple find the food and run away terrified.


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