Boss and employee script


This is a script made in a pair with me and Sophie, where we had to come up with a piece of dialogue between a boss and employee. The basis of the script was to get show the idea of a boss firing an employee from a job. But we decided to put a comical twist on the idea, where we had the employee being rather dumb so he struggled to realise that he was actually being fired from his job.

The boss character was a serious character compared to the dumb employee, so the boss really tried to fire the employee from the office, whereas the employee struggles to realise that he is being fired.


This script is a adaptation of the previous script, except the boss and employee are twin brothers and they have jokes around the office. The boss is still and serious boss but sometimes messes about in the office with his brother, causing mischief but he has to fire his brother. They both go off topic at one point until the boss suddenly outbursts to tell his brother he is fired which gives that angry expression that the boss has just got sick and tired with his brother.

Both of these scripts where written out in my sketchbook with a time limit of 5 minutes for each script, to see what we as a pair could come up with.  Both of these scripts where then made on celtx to see how they would look as a professional looking script. I think these scripts have come out nicely as the use of comedy in the script is a nice touch and worked well with the characters that we came up with.


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