3D Maya feedback notes


  • Start positive
  • Think of how you would like to be treated
  • Don’t try to destroy the person

Feedback individual frames

  • Maya- Display> heads up display> current frame


  • Information in the timeline
  • Keyframe> hold right click > key selected
  • S only for after made a keyframe

Channel editor

  • Graph editor- can edit keys, movement of animation
  • Keep animation as a curve
  • Tangents- pink lines control curve
  • Weighted tangents- scale curve in and out
  • Spline- is the curve
  • Plateau- Keys the same stay flat line rather than curve
  • Stepped- Graph has steps rather than curves
  • Arcs- Smooth action for object


  • Play backing animation in real time
  • simplified render
  • Windows> Playblast

Playblast Vs Render

  • Playblast are quick show the real time video
  • Render- high processing time sometimes crashes

Animate in Maya settings

  • Weighted tangents- allow
  • Preferences/settings-
  • Auto key
  • Default key (linear)
  • Default out key (stepped)
  • Windows> preferences> Animation (after settings in menu)
  • Select auto key, weighted tangents> click save
  • Windows> Playblast> box> Switch to Quicktime or AVI (if no quicktime player)
  • Select from windows menu
  • Change to custom> 720x 456
  • Remove to temporary unclicked and save to file clicked
  • Then browse to where you want to save


  • Pose to pose
  • Stepped keys
  • Straight ahead
  • In-betweens
  • Staging should be done
  • Pose to camera
  • Should start feeling timing
  • Key poses and in-betweens


  • Smoothing out animation from blocking like finished piece
  • Jump back to blocking poses to fix issues
  • Ensure filter is extremely useful for rotations if behaving strangely
  • Timing should be clear


  • Final phase
  • Going back over the entire piece fixing details (tiny details)
  • Fixing any penetrations
  • Will never truly be finished
  • Timing should be precise and accurate



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