Visual Storytelling Journal 09/10/16

09/10/16-Today I have come up with some more ideas to choose from for the final short film idea, helping me to get some more ideas to explore and develop further to see the which ideas come be the best.

The next idea is about a hungry rabbit in the middle of summer to try and grow some carrots for his family. But there was no carrots insight until he sees a tiny carrot growing in the field. Surprised he takes care of the carrot making in grow larger and larger. Until he gets too hungry to wait and pulls the carrot out of the ground. With a cry out fear from the carrot the rabbit realises the carrot is alive and still only a baby. With a shake from the ground the mother carrot grows out of the ground angrily and the rabbit in shock gives the carrot to the carrot mother and tries to run off. But he only gets so far and then collapses passing out on the floor.

Today I also got my new wooden mannequin for drawing reference, which made me think of this next idea. So a security guard in a art museum is walking around patrolling the museum to make sure it is secure. Then on that very same night, which was a night of a full moon there is a section in the museum with almost human size mannequins. On this particular night the mannequin comes to life and copies the walk of the guard. Turning around in suspicion the guard realises the mannequin. Terrified the mannequin goes to hide behind an exhibit. The guard noticed the mannequin was scared and befriends the mannequin. They start to have fun, painting and drawing each other as cartoons. Until the full moon disappears and the mannequin stops moving. The guard sadly puts him back on display and goes home. But when he comes back the next night he is excited to see his new friend but still nothing. As he turns away the mannequin comes to life and it zooms out them hugging.


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