Pose to Pose Human wave

After learning some of the basic techniques of making an animation in Toon Boom Harmony,  was tasked in Dan’s lesson to make a basic pose to pose wave animation, to help me learn how to use the technique of pose to pose in an effective way. This means I need to start with the main keyframes, breaks and then inbetween frames. Each of these frames help me plan out the each of pose for the arm and hand to pose as it waves. To make it easier to help me think how a wave would work, I used myself as reference, as I waved helping me to think of how the arm moves. But in the blocking video below I have the keyframes and break frames.

By using myself as reference and looking at other people in the class as they waved, I saw it took about a second to make a wave. In terms of frames this mean’t the animation would be 24 frames long, therefore the keyframes would be frame 1, frame 12 and frame 24. This is because a second is 24 fps (frames per second) allowing me to split the frames equally. The main keyframes are the arm extended outwards, inwards, then outwards again. making that sort of blocked pose to pose animation. The break frames are frames 4 and 14 allowing me to show the movement of the wrist. Trying to figure out how the wrist moves, using myself as reference I realised the wrist slightly bends when goes from inwards and outwards This leads to another principle of animation like pose to pose, which is follow through. This is when the hand will follow the arm as it bends, as natural things move in curves so you need that curve in the wrist to help show that natural movement.

Underneath is the final rendered animation where I have added all the inbetween frames for the animation. As you can see the animations look very different in terms of colour and pencil/ construction lines. This is because I realised I didn’t have all four layers as I had drawn on the line layer, as only had the line and colour layer. To fix this I made a complete new file and added the other two layers (overlay and underlay) to do this I went to the Toon Boom official website and found out you needed to go to Edit>preferences>advanced>tick support overlay and underlay layers. This then allowed me to draw on the underlay layer for the construction lines which was more suitable for me to make the animation, so later on if I want to I can add some colour or more refined lines.

Looking at this version of the animation I think it turned out better, as I know it is only a construction layer so the lines will be rough, but looking at the other file the arms seemed slightly flat and short, so by looking at my wooden mannequin to help me get the basic proportions for the animation.


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