Visual Storytelling Journal 08/10/16

08/10/16- Today I have made another mind map, expect with this one I have made some story ideas for the short film animation. Here I have looked around outside and in my house to try and figure out some ideas for the short film.

The first idea I have made was inspired from the little ship in a bottle I have on my shelve which made me think of an idea where a young boy is staring at the bottle as the ship moves/ sails the waves inside the bottle. The reason why the boy is staring at the ship is because his dad has gone to sail out at sea as a sailor/ navy. Later on in the animation the bottle fills with lightening and the ships gets struck with lighting and the ship sinks. The little boy becomes really sad, slowly gaining tears, until the boy realises his dad comes in from the door behind him and they hug it out.

The second idea inspired by my desk speakers, there are two speakers on a desk that try to argue out, and because they are speakers they try to out do each other by blasting out music louder and louder. Until one of them breaks, feeling sorry for the other speaker the speaker who one goes to get a radio and lets him play the music together.

The third idea inspired by robots, I created the idea of having a robot in a junkyard in the future earth. Where a small humanoid robot wakes up from a long sleep, covered in rusted metal he sees where he is and curiously he goes around trying to find something to help him figure out where he is. Until he finds a bat and ball, smacking the ball around the junkyard, he then smacks it so hard the ball flies off and hits another robot. This robot wakes up and decides to play ball together at the end.

The final idea for today is a girl in her house on Halloween with storm weather causing havoc outside. To block out the thunder and lightening and with no power  the girl lights the room with candles and helps to calm her for meditating. But this was no ordinary night, as during her meditation the furniture comes to life, slowly getting closer and closer to the girl. But sometimes the lights come back on in a flash and the furniture stops moving. Then at the end the furniture towers over the girl and it zooms out of the girl looking terrified of the furniture.


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