Visual Storytelling Journal 07/10/16

07/10/16-Today I started thinking of some ideas towards the development of my my short film for the visual storytelling project. Today I started with a simple brainstorm/ mind map to help me think of the sorts of things that need to be included within a short film. The notes on this mind map were taken from the notes I had learned in Matt’s lesson today for guidance on what to included in a short film.

Some of the guidance notes were:

  • Do not animate in order- this means I should make the hardest part of the animation first, allowing me to take the time to get the hardest part done effectively. Then I can add the other parts to the animation after wards including the end and beginning to help make the animation look effective for the target audience.
  • Story arcs- allow me to plan out the story helping me to figure out the most impact at the top of the arc that will be the stories end or were the stories dramatic scene will take place.
  • Audience have short attention spans- so make the animation shorter because it will keep the audience interested in the story, as too long of a short film will make the audience loose interest too early. But this is why the shorter the animation the better for them to become more appealing to them.
  • Use different colours on the colour board to help show the emotions to the audience helping to make the audience feel a particular way or see clearly how the characters are feeling in the animation.
  • Grey-dark/sad
  • Red-Anger/love
  • Green-weird/creepy
  • Blue-happy/relaxed

These are just some of the ideas in my sketchbook that could help me develop some different ideas for my short film animation, to make it more interesting for the audience.



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