Researching examples of media regulations and censorship

Media regulations

  • Regulation refers to  whole process of control or guidance by established rules and procedures, applied by governments and other political/ administrative and authorities or medias. (
  • Management of what is arguably key economic resource in the emerging “information society” with a very high dependence on all forms of communication.

Why are media regulated?

  • The protection of individual and sectional rights/ interests that might be harmed by unrestricted use of public means of communication
  • The protection of public order and support for instructions of government and justice
  • Maintaining conditions for effective operation of free markets in media services, especially competition/ access/protection of consumers/ stimulating innovation and expansion.

Issues of media regulation (primary issues)

  • The protection of public order and society of the state.
  • Maintaining respect for public mores in matters of taste and decency
  • Respecting human rights of expression and protection from insult and prejudice
  • Preventing harm to society especially by way of harm to children and young people from undesirable content
  • Maintaining cultural standards and supporting the national or regional culture/ language

Newspaper press-Two main types of regulation of newspaper press

  1. Essentially negative and reactive, designed to counter threats to press independence and diversity
  2. The other is positive and enabling
  • 1. When do not come from government, natural processes market concentration/ powerful economic/ political forces to stop press/ speaking out
  • 2. (more positive) type of regulation involves giving some kind of economics support to some or all newspapers

Media censorship affects news you see- (

  • many choices designed to keep some information from becoming public
  • When a minor commits a crime his identity is concealed to protect him from future harm

Avoiding graphic details/ images

  • Choice to describe details of a crime that helps the audience understand without offending readers/viewers
  • Exceptions, in most cases editor crosses out information of a extremely violent or sexual nature not to sanitize the news, but to keep it from harming the audience.

Concealing secret information

  • U.s Military, intelligence and diplomatic operations function with certain amounts of secrecy
  • That confidentially is regularly challenged by whistleblowers anti- government groups or others who want to remove the lid on various aspects (

For/ against media censorship


  • Freedom of speech whats the point of right to speak if no one will listen
  • modified truth censoring of information may lead to a wrong information perceived by the public


  • Media influence- heavily influenced by what we see by media
  • all have similar perspectives of things
  • media censorship for children
  • young minds can’t differentiate between real and make believe
  • Media reduces broadcasting the amount of violence on the media to be censored for children.



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