Ideas factory Back story

Why create a back story?

  • To help understand a character’s personality or appearance
  • The primary purpose of a back story is to set up and explain who your character is that way.
  • Why is your character afraid/ uncomfortable around this?

What drives/ motivates your character to do that?

  • Childhood- Where was the character born and bred?
  • Who were there parents?
  • What was that relationship like?

Convictions and beliefs

  • Character’s political, social and economic views
  • Does your character have theories on life in general or detail?
  • How did she/ he felt that way


  • Think about the word “character” you’re supposed to breath life  into these things, make them appealing and give them magic that will allow people to imagine what they’re like to meet and how they might move


  • Consider formal education and acquired education

Geographic location

  • Detail any environment, that helped shape your character’s present circumstances.
  • Create everything from the climate to the socio-economic make up or the community

Key past events

  • Main events in the story will be possible because of something

10 word challenge

  • The Lonely man fought against the evil, hungry, slow crumpets



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