Blocking a Bouncy ball animation

Here is a basic animation bouncy ball animation, where I have learn’t in lesson how to use the graph editor and the play blast features in Maya to help me make the animation better. But for this part of the animation I have only made the blocking, which is the key poses to the animation. In this case it is the ball being in the air and on the floor. I made a plane using one of the polygon primitives menu to make a plane, which I have enlarged to fit over the grid in Maya.


The image above is the graph editor for the ball, because it was only a block animation I have not gone to refine the graph so that the ball moves more naturally as I wanted to make another version to show how I improved the animation from the blocking part. Anyway this graph basically shows how the ball moves up and then down, without a natural bounce. So when I played the play blast back it was a jump from one key pose to another. This graph will be edited to have arcs instead to get the natural movement which can be done selecting the arc button that is next to the lined s shape in the top menu.


These are the play blast settings these have to be adjusted, as from what I learned play blasts need to be a very small file size that can either be saved or put into a temporary file space. But by selecting windows>playblast> the little box you come to this menu, this will allow you to make the changes you need. So I was told that because it needs to be a small file size we change the format from AVI to Quicktime (qt) allowing me to play it on quicktime player. Furthermore changing the windows menu option to custom allows you to change the size, I changed mine to 720x 456 this allows you to get a small file with a small screen when you playblast allowing you to see the animation clearly and not wait for ages to pre-render out the animation.


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