Visual Storytelling animation rule notes

  • Check out every frame painting
  • Shorter the film, the better
  • Make cheap but not visually cheap (not a scene filled with explosions)
  • Drama/ Emotion/ Story teller

Rule 2

  • Plot twists important but without character to empathise not going to work
  • What happened to characters before animation begins
  • People have short attention spans!
  • Memorable story
  • Strong beginning
  • Avoid repetition

Rule 3

  • Pixar story artist (Emma coat)
  • (Admire character for trying more than their successes)
  • Pre-production- Be prepared
  • Must know character inside out before animating
  • Story Arc

Colour board

  • Grey- Dark/sad
  • Red- Anger/ Love
  • Green- Weird
  • Blue- Happy

Animation Advice

  • Then everything else
  • Never one giant file
  • Make separate files
  • Don’t use memory sticks/ hard drives for all backup
  • Use cloud (one drive or Google drive) for backup
  • Separate scenes= Separate files
  • Save more than 1 of the same file so 5 versions of the same file e.g. V01-V05
  • License free sounds on presentation
  • Background look at reality
  • Sketch more than 1 idea
  • Document progress- Blog/ social media



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