Ideas Factory crime board scripts


This is a rough backstory for the characters in my script, from the previous blog post on the crime board. So our task was to create a script based on our own representation/ story of the crime board we made last week. So our crime board showed that a man had kidnapped or possible killed the girl from the video.

Anyway my backstory is the man and girl are brother and sister, who are in a gang called the Techdrives who use computers to hack banks and take money. The group are in a local abandoned hotel room where they secretly plot to rob banks as brother and sister with another friend who helps out.


This script is based on the story above but it is based after the scene of the crime, where typically in TV crime dramas the detectives search the scene for evidence. So the detectives find a key and a blood trail which indicates something bad went down. A local girl who was jogging that morning found the trail of blood near the lake in a local park and reported it to the police who searched the scene.

The detectives worked to figure out what happened, working with local police to find more clues to decide on if the girl was missing or dead. But the police managed to find a key and a memory stick in the lake that the divers found and a ID card which was proof of who the girl was.


This script is the story that was mentioned before where I show the opening before the video we watched for the crime board. So basically Robyn Sphil (the girl) and Larry Sphil (the man) along with Bob rogers were hacking a bank to steal a large amount of money to transfer into their personal account. But a rather strange surge of energy causes a blackout making the team have to restart the computer. However rather than the bank money a uncertain amount of personal information on various people comes on the screen.

So Larry decides to download the information for himself to then sell on. But Robyn angrily cuts the power to the computer to stop her brother. Later that evening when everyone was asleep, Robyn took a memory stick and moved all the personal information on the memory stick and ran off to the local park, where she throws it into the lake. Whilst she was doing that Larry finds the computer still on and calls someone (unknown) to find Robyn which leads to possibly the person who was called on the phone kidnapped Robyn.


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