Writing a Crime story Script


This is a script story for the story of my crime board, where I have adjusted the original story from the crime board to make it more appealing to me, for version of our script. This is because we were tasked to make individual scripts based on the story that we made originally. My new story for the script follows the same story of the main characters being brother and sister, except they are part of a group of hackers named the Techdrives which hunt information to gain large amounts of money. However after the latest scheme the sister Robyn Sphil hates what her brother Larry does with some new information he finds and wants to sell. Feeling bad Robyn steals the information from her brother on a memory stick and runs away to a nearby lake. Which is where she throws the memory stick into the lake, like in the video. Which is where she supposedly gets kidnapped.

This script tells the story I mentioned as in the video it only showed the female character throwing something into a lake and a man chasing someone after driving in his car. Therefore I thought I would create a backstory to the video to help show why Robyn ended up at the lake and what she threw into the lake. This will then help to show the audience the relationship between the characters and why the brother was suspected the most in the crime board. I added an extra character named Bob Rogers who is another member of the group that helps the siblings gain the information, but is he part of Robyn’s disappearance?

But reading through it I think there are some little grammar mistakes that can be altered. But I think a talk with the class when we read through the script should help me understand parts they like and dislike, helping me to improve the script with more refined details or fix any mistakes I have made.


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