3D production Rigging notes

These are notes from the lesson with Luke for rigging the leg, where I have used these notes to make the rig for the leg with the notes as reference.

  • Placing bones and joints in a character
  • Parented to curves for controlling and animating
  • Rigging not just for characters but also for objects/ environments/ props

Parenting Vs Skinning

  • Parent attaches object to another object/ joint
  • Parent of object leads child object
  • Shortcut key P on keyboard for Parent
  • Skinning merges parent object with child object
  • Skinning must have weights painted to be controlled

IK vs FK

  • IK- Inverse Kinetic- figures out position of Joint
  • FK- Forward Kinetic- computer calculates when the end effector is
  • (Rotate elbow control and hand moves position)
  • Computers always wrong! when animating, so always manual check using graph editor
  • If touching/ leaning on object use IK

Rig tools

  • Skeleton- Joint tool
  • HumanIK- prebuilt Skeleton rig can be used on most characters
  • Skinning- Smooth and rigid binding
  • Once rigged it always helps to animate in a character set

Lighting in 3D

  • Volume, Area, Directional, Spot, Ambient & Point
  • Each have their own settings
  • Shadows in either depth map or ray trace
  • Reliant on rendering engine

3D cameras- Maya cameras

  • Aperture
  • Focal length
  • Focus distance: needs render to see result
  • Shutter angle: needs render to see result


  • Software- Quick and easy
  • Hardware- Generally used for particles
  • Mental ray- production renders (time intensive)
  • Don’t freeze transformations on joints, only curves



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