Technology over time Notes

These are the different technological developments over the years and how they have impacted the industry of Film, Games and Animation.

  • Important- impact on the planet
  • moment when technology appears
  • Important technology- Internet, computers, cameras, Zoetrope

Timeline of most important technology (Animation)

  • Zoetrope- important for key movements in animation
  • 35,000 years ago- cave man drawings
  • 1640- Magic lantern- Athonasius kircher
  • 1824- The Thaumatrope
  • 1830- Photography
  • 1832- The Phenakistoscope
  • 1867-Zoetrope (wheel of life)

Different Timeline of most important (general)

  • 3500 bc-the wheel
  • 1500 bc- first machines for morning waiter
  • 150 bc- clockwork machines
  • Stories- tell information- pen helps to communicate
  • Possibly art is the best invention

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