Presenting our Criminal Board

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Our group made up of Me, Robyn, Edgar and Hannah, were tasked for creating a criminal board for a video that we watching in the previous week. The basic story of the video was a girl in hood goes to a lake and throws something in the lake (unknown) and then in the additional footage a man goes from his house, in his car to a park where he chases after someone (also unknown), All we are to go on is that the girl has been missing for three days.. With all this unknown information we had to design and present our own interpretation of this story. Our story is the girl and guy are brother and sister (Robyn Sphil and Larry Sphil) and the Larry is involved in human trafficking, but Robyn finds a memory stick containing some valuable information to him and she throws it into the lake. We believe that she has been kidnapped by her brother in the attempt to find out what she knows. Furthermore we are suspicious to believe that Larry could be involved in further gang crime, which has been reported in the local newspaper as seen above.

Larry was chasing perhaps a relative or friend to try and get a way for Robyn to I’ve up the information she knows or possibly to meetup with another gang member who was involved with this incident. Our crime board was made to demonstrate our knowledge/ our suspicions of these characters to help show why we think Robyn has gone missing. In the images above we managed to gain different images and notes, with bits of evidence included to help tie the suspect (Larry) to the scene. Robyn in our group produced some very well drawn witness drawings which allowed us to explain how he was seen at the place of incident. We had to purchase our materials and photograph/ use images online for the board. However I have noted down links and websites for the images to show that we did reference the images,  in case it was needed.

Presenting the main points to the investigation was me, so I had to discuss and prove how the suspect was tied to the scene. Thrown at with many questions we were able to see that ours wasn’t as good as some of the other boards, but we still managed to backup and tell our story with substantial evidence to help prove our points. Using the information on the board and our understanding of the story we had, we were able to present why we think Robyn was still in fact missing from her place of resident and how Larry could potentially have kidnapped her from the scene to harm her in some way. But we managed to show the two “police chiefs” that the suspect has been identified by witnesses and has some evidence to prove the arguments we raised such as fingerprints, tyre tracks, etc.



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