Drawing class #2

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This next lesson was to practise the shapes and positions of the spine for human characters. For this we sat on the floor in the class to get a different perspective of the pose to help see the bend in the spine. As you can see above I was tasked to draw the skull, hands, ribcage and pelvis to help me understand the bones in the body which are key to a pose. By using a soft graphite pencil 7B I was able to draw down the poses, however the first few images were done with 2 minutes to draw each pose which seemed like lots of time, But I think that the first two images were not very good because the spine looked to straight.

After Steve and Dan went over how the spine bends, I was able to get better understanding of how to draw the parts I had to draw, allowing me to get some more realistic drawings. We then had 1 minute to draw the pose, which I felt personally was my better  drawings because I considered more about the shapes and bend in the spine to look more exaggerated rather than being straight. In the later parts of the lesson we had to draw all of these things within 7 strokes with 25 seconds to draw all of them. As you can see I managed to get the majority of the parts with very rushed lines.

But I think the main struggle was drawing with single strokes as I draw lots of individual lines before getting to the final shape, so making single stokes on a page looked very odd and didn’t look a effective. However it allowed me to practise drawing in smaller amounts of time, giving me the chance to see the pose and draw at the same time, helping me to look at the pose more than at the page to draw everything that I could see in the time limit.


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