Visual Storytelling Notes #1

These notes are from the first visual storytelling lesson where Matt talked about the processes of making and short films and where to place them (festivals) when they are fully completed. Essentially we learned the rules of making a Short film that will be appealing to the target audience and tell a clear visual story to the target audience.

  • Check out every frame painting
  • Look at the rules on Shared Folder (Google Drive)
  • Shorter the film the better
  • Make cheap, but not visually cheap. (Not a scene filled with explosions)
  • Memorable characters
  • Drama, emotion, story teller

Rule 2

  • Plot twists important but without character to empathize, not gonna work.
  • What happened to characters before animation begins
  • People have short attention spans!
  • Memorable Story
  • Strong beginning
  • Avoid repetition

Rule 3

  • Pixar story artist (Emma Coat)
  • Admire character for trying more than their successes
  • Pre-Production- Be prepared
  • Must know character inside and out before animating
  • Story arcs, help to build the storyline of animation

Colour board

  • Colour
  • Grey- dark/sad
  • Red- Anger/ Love
  • Green- Weird
  • Blue- Happy (other bright colours)

Rule 4

  • Hardest part first (make hardest part of animation first)
  • Then everything else
  • Not ever one giant file!
  • Don’t just use memory sticks/ hard drives
  • Use Cloud (One Drive)
  • Seperate Scenes/ seperate shots
  • Save more than one version of the file, so same file but 5 versions, each one develops over time (e.g. V01- V05)
  • License free sounds on Presentation
  • Backgrounds look at reality
  • Sketch more than 1 idea
  • Document progress- Blog/ social network

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