Ideas Factory Things for a crime board notes

Todays notes was to think of things needed to put on the crime board to present to the rest of the class based on the video we watched and the story we as a group came up with in the previous blog post for this module.

  • Create fake news articles
  • Find pictures to use for the object
  • Get pictures for the car
  • Evidence for the place of incident
  • See if there was any other incidents that happened around the area
  • Images of the guy’s hide out (substance abuse)
  • Images of people who are related to guy or women
  • Interrogation of the guy and girls parents and if there was any kind or arguments between them or any arguments happened in general.

This is the list of ideas and features we as a group need to create to then add to the crime board to make it look like a crime board, helping to explain the story and our idea for the crime scene.


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