Ideas Factory Crime board notes

So today we had to make some notes based on a video that we watched in lesson to help us come up with our own interpretation of the storyline, helping us to get introduced to the idea of making scripts in groups and expressing our individual spin offs for the movie idea.

Questions for the video clip

  • Girl in the footage, what happened to her?
  • Is she still alive?
  • What sorts of different of written and visual features on the crime wall?
  • Piece together next scene?


  • Why does the girl have her hood up?
  • Girl is walking down by a lake wearing a hood
  • Reaches into pocket, throws something into lake.
  • Man getting into car, drives/ parks at forest/ park and possible meetup with somebody
  • Someone running away from man that chases
  • Girl get upset/ angry
  • Someone comes up behind

Evidence for Board

  • BMW E31 8 series, dark blue (spoiler)
  • Belongs to friend/ relative
  • Evidence footage/ witnesses
  • Why did girl go to the lake?
  • Memories/ accidents/ peaceful/ safe place
  • Description- red hair, furry coat (hood), average height, blue eyes, dyed red hair)
  • Bring Blu-tack, notes and post it notes to next lesson for the crime board.



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