Coke Can Model Attempt 2

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Using the process I discussed in detail in thew previous post, I remodelled the Coke can model to have some a taller shape, with a working texture on the model. So by using the techniques I learn;t in the lesson I worked on this at home to try and practise a little more with using Maya. The slideshow above shows more visually about how I worked through the process I had made before in the previous post. By following the instructions I learn’t I had to adapt it slightly to make the texture work properly. By watching this tutorial on YouTube I learn’t what I had done previously to make the texture work.

By using the tutorial I realised that I need to make the cylindrical map and then add the Blinn texture, as then I could resize the map to fit the images as seen in the slide show. But a simple mistake was I didn’t have the checkered circle in the menu at the top on, meaning I couldn’t see the texture even if they were on the model. But nevertheless going back and making a new model was better for me because it allowed me to learn the process once again and help me practise the process so that I could have some realistic models. As if you noticed in the previous post the model had lots of misshapen parts especially on the lid, which made the model look a bit off. Overall I think this new model has allowed me to fully understand my mistakes and helped me to develop my understanding of making models in Maya.

However as you can see I was unable to get the top lid and bottom lid to work on the texture because otherwise the mesh would have lots of lids over the label. So my next task is to make a lid and bottom using the cylinder polygon primitive to then allow me to add the texture of the lid and bottom to the shape rather than trying to confuse myself by trying to fix the texture that I have managed to get. But using the tutorial I mentioned before should be a handy tool to fix the issues I have with this particular model.


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