First Drawing class of Uni

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Getting back into the swing of things, I had my first drawing class of University, where I had to draw different poses of people, bu with a twist. In this particular lesson I had to draw only the head and hands at the start of the lesson to try and see if I could get the proportions right on the body and have a natural distance between the two. As you can see above many of mine had rather unnatural looking hands or the  hands were too close or far away from what would have been the body. If I had time I would quickly sketch out some of the torsos to see where the hands would go in comparison. In the first part of the lesson I thought I’d go straight into using a soft material like Charcoal (charcoal pencils) but because I had not used them in a while I felt later on in the lesson i should go back to the soft 8b pencils to allow me to concentrate/ draw more of the pose.

As the lesson went on, they’re was an additional task of the lesson to draw the head, hands and the feet. So the majority of my drawings looked like Rayman, but some of my drawings where very disproportionate, being too small, as I am used to drawing the lines to get a rough guide to proportion the parts of the body. So not doing that presented some challenges for me when I drew out the poses. But this allowed me to see where I need to practise more in seeing the pose, so perhaps looking up more at the pose than at the page. Furthermore I had to position myself, but I had to have a large distance between my hands and feet, so I looked like a starfish, a typical pose but it kind of worked as Micheal was pointing a gun (finger pose) behind me so sort of looked effective.

The final part of the lesson was to draw the head and hands again, but this time we had to draw the arms connecting from the hands to the shoulders. As you an see in the slide show above mine ended up like a hunchback , but it showed me how I need to look more rather than going straight into the drawing, as I then realised that my proportions were slightly off.


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